Your best images produced as an award winning book!

Have you just returned from a great destination, with the most awesome scenery, but your cBeautifully printed on fine art paper and bound in genuine leather this is the way to present your best work in a timeless feel.amera just did not capture it the way you saw it?

We guarantee that you will re-live all your memories exactly the way you experienced it, be surprised how much-hidden information is in your files and what Kahlau corp can do with it.

Kahlau Corp is the secret of wildlife and landscape photographers all over the world!

Memoirs on Safari

“The digital era is a wonderful chapter in the history of photography! But… It has one big disadvantage:

I would return back from an amazing trip with literally hundreds of images, excited about all the discoveries of foreign places and beautiful moments, … just to remember one year later, that all the images are still sitting somewhere on my hard drive, – untouched! The frustration of not having the time….!

Back in real life, my life is filled to the brim with work… and my precious memories of a “once upon a time” trip to a dream destination just collect dust !!!

That is where Andreas and his team step in. Having the experience of retouching some of the world’s best images, I can surely trust him to go through my safari images: select the best, rework them, and then have them printed and bound in the most exclusive leather book! The cherry on top of my travels!

Creating award winning images from my very ordinary holiday photos.

Even creating images for a world-class exhibition to impress not only my friends but the photographic art connoisseurs of the world.”

Elizabeth Olivier Kahlau

Fine Art Books

  1. Printed on Acid Free Papers, 100 % Cotton Rag
  2. Genuine Leather cover
  3. Size: 13″ X 19″
  4. Smaller book size available