Dereck and Beverly Joubert

Once we got a call from Andreas saying that some unique combination of papers and colour gave up a look that none of us expected but… you know I like it! We went in and looked down at a print that took our breath away.

Paul Naude

! Unbelievable! Incredible! Spectacular,  Awesome, Stunning, Magnificent! Holy Shit!……. I could go on but really THANK YOU!! What a great product! I could not be happier….. thank you so much for all your effort.  My memories of Botswana have been vividly brought back to life through your product…. I can’t stop looking at the book.

Michelle Kleer

Andreas, has always helped me achieve the best out of my images, I would not rely on anyone else as he has the most incredible eye for color and detail, not to mention has he has always taken time to give me the best advice on what images to use, and ready to help me […]